This is a Kiwi Initiative, Our Goal is to make Queenstown the safest Tourist resort in the World. Your Bar can be part of this and cut Violence within our Night Time community.


Becoming a SAFE BAR doesn’t just mean that your Bar has a ‘ZERO TOLERANCE” for Violence or Negative behaviour, it also means you get all the perks that Only SAFE BARS get. Take a look at what you get by becoming a SAFE BAR New Zealand Member.

Community Support.

The local Community that support the initiative will Hold your Mana as the Owner of the Bar in High Regards for your stance in protecting your community. Being part of an Initiative that protects the vulnerable of our community is one of the greatest actions that a Kiwi can take to build huge Mana for you and your staff.

Your own SBNZ Icon.

Your SAFE BAR ICON is placed onto our Google SAFE BARS Mapping system and can be seen by every Bar Owner in Aotearoa. Having a SBNZ Icon shows to the Community, the Hospitality Industry, The New Zealand Police and all of the Kiwis in New Zealand that you state loud and clear that You and Your Bar puts your Patrons safety and security first.

Marketing your Bar.

Our SAFE BARS Social Media Platforms and our WEBSITE uses SEM and SEO to continuously market SAFE BARS to New Zealand BUT  we at SAFE BARS also market our SAFE BAR Members through our Network of businesses, Hostels and Backpackers throughout Aotearoa, that absolutely support the SAFE BARS initiative.

Digital Fire Evacs

Your Bars own Fire Evacuation procedures digitised and placed onto the SAFE BARS New Zealand’s Evac Safety Mapping Systems. Having all Staff, including new and rotating staff know what your Evac procedures are in the most serious of events and emergencies.

SHIELD Protection

The Most Powerful Safety feature that being a SAFE BAR brings to the safety of your staff and patrons. To prevent Violent Offenders and Sexual Predators from drinking at your Bar, being a SAFE BAR removes that threat from entering your bar and being around your staff and patrons.

UPGRADE of Security

Specialist Human Resource Development of your Senior Staff members, empowering them so as to make them safer when working for you within your bar within New Zealand’s Nightlife. Giving them the skills and confidence to deal with events which happen within our working environment.

Digital Building Evacs

SAFE BARS Doesn’t take any chances, since the horrific attack in Christchurch it shows that New Zealand is not immune from very real threats, Only SAFE BAR Members can say that they have prepared for these threats by having a secured Building Evac which can be used in the worst of events. Only SBNZ gives this service to our Members here in Aotearoa.

Operational Reports (Digi)

Secure Digital Nightly Operations Reports to your Email in-box at the end of every night your bar is open. These OOR Reports are collected and collated in your very own Secure SAFE BARS Membership folder, which can be accessed 24/7 and can be printed out by request and used in defending charges against the Liqour Licence or assisting in obtaining extensions and special licences.

Incident Reports (Digi)

Professional Secure Incident reports that are used in the prosecution of violent offenders by the New Zealand Police, your staff’s ability to assist Police allowing for a better working Relationship. You and your bar play a vital role in creating a Safer Night-Time Community and the SAFE BARS Reports shows the very important role your staff play.

Protecting our most vulnerable

It really is about creating a Hospitality Industry that protects one of our most precious assets, Our Wahine.


SAFE BARS in Queenstown 2021

Take a look at the SAFE BARS operating in Queenstown. Bars where the Owners take extra precautions to look after their Patrons.


Put your Bar onto the Google Safe Bars Mapping System.

Sign up now and have your Bar declared a SAFE BAR and have your Icon placed onto the SAFE BARS New Zealand Mapping System and show your community and Aotearoa that you are taking a stand against violence in the community.


Signing up your Bar into the SAFE BARS Community is easy.


Places to go at Night in Queenstown where the Owners and Security prohibit those people who commit Sexual Assaults and Violence against Kiwis and Visitors to our Home. Aotearoa.