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No. We are not a Security company that provides security personnel.

Absolutely, SBNZ accommodates our members who have small bars so as to have a SBNZ  ‘Asset’.

Yes, both Classes get full access to all of our Apps and Tech to help secure their Bar.

Maybe. To Obtain a Class 2 status a specific number of staff members must be Upgraded to become an SBNZ Asset. But you may meet the requirements needed by having a % of staff Upgraded.

Human Resource Development or commonly called HRD is a specialist area of the Education Sector. HRD uses the Psychology of Learning and is able to ‘IMPRINT‘ knowledge in short durations into the minds of the students it is Upgrading. The design of our Education Methodology of which the student goes through has been created by HRD so as the Information’s taught, are never forgotten. This under HRD is called the IMPRINT.

The specialized education through HRD shows managers what it is that their Security is doing or meant to be doing within the performance of their role within your Bar. The ‘Upgrade‘ to your Bar Managers gives them the intelligence to know and use New Zealand Law in protecting your Liquor Licence, the Bar Managers Licence and even the Security COA, but most importantly the Patrons safety. Check out the Bar Managers comments that have undergone the Upgrade.

You don’t have to have security to get the major benefits of the service SAFE BARS brings to you and your premises. SAFE BARS raises the level of your security even if you do not employ any, by giving you the tools of using very powerful laws in New Zealand and educating you upon what to do and what you can’t do in relation to incidents which at some stage will arise.
One of the major benefits we give Owners and Managers of Licenced premises in New Zealand is Sanctity of mind and super Confidence and that for an owner of a Bar/Club or even a restaurant is worth its weight in Gold.

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