New Zealand

Hei tiaki i nga Kiwi inaianei me te tiaki i era kiwi kaore ano kia haere mai

Hei tiaki i nga Kiwi inaianei me te tiaki i era kiwi kaore ano kia haere mai

Welcome to SAFE BARS New Zealand.
We are a Maori initiative for a Community First Project that is to Dramatically Increase the Safety of Patrons and Staff within New Zealands Night Life and Hospitality Industry.

We are introducing a Community Safety Model that has been specifically designed for the Hospitality Industry.

The SAFE BARS System ‘Upgrades‘ the Security that a Bar has in Operation by introducing Technology / Higher Level Learning / SOP’s / Safety Policy’s and Protocols.

The Result of the SAFE BARS New Zealand’s Project is to create a Hospitality Environment that is danger Free from Violence and Sexual Assaults of any kind.





Our Specialsed Development has been created and Designed by input from Hundreds of Security Specialists and Personnel within the Global Hospitality Industry.


As a Bar Owner you trust Your Staff in Protecting Your Liqour Licence, Now our Service can give you less stress that what actions your employees took in critical situations were the right actions to take. So that Your Licence is Safe and so is your business and your income.

SAFE BARS Clients are provided with the latest in our specially designed Apps and Reporting Systems. So now You as the Owner or Manager of your Bar can have Up-To-Date Real-Time Information on the Security of your Bar, no matter where You are.

Becoming a SAFE BAR gives you specialized Tools that are used to increase the Level of Safety for your Bar.  Let SAFE BARS take care of the things that need to be taken care of the Most, Become a SAFE BAR and know that you are doing everything You can to Protect your Clientele.

SBNZ is the Only Company that provides our Clients with the tools and developments that ensure that our Clients are able to say that their Bar is now a SAFE BAR.


SAFE BARS New Zealand Protecs its members from those people who repeatedly cause problems in the Night Time community.


Only SAFE BARS provide places where women know that the Bar owners don't let those bad guys in.


SAFE BARS lets their Staff and Patrons know that their Bar has a 'ZERO' Tollerance for Violence , making them a much Safer Bar.

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