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Safe Bars is a Kiwi initiative to be able to provide Tourists to our Beautiful Country a safer Journey by providing them safer Social Environments such as Bars and Clubs. 

SAFE BARS New Zealand is brand new so we are building Membership, at the present we have SAFE BARS located in Queenstown and Dunedin.
As our membership grows we will add them to the Map SAFE BARS App.

Each Safe Bar where ever it is located is a Bar where there is an enforcement of a ZERO Violence and ZERO Harassment Policy. The Safe Bars all follow strict Protocols when it comes to providing Protection to their patrons no matter where they come from.

We want you and your friends to be safe , so if you are out and someone is harassing you, make it to a SAFE BAR and tell the Bouncers of the problem, they are there to make sure that you are safe. Staff at SAFE BARS have been trained to assist you.