Welcome to Safe Bars New Zealand

New Zealand is a Tourism Hot Spot, It is not just Queenstown or Rotorua, but every city in New Zealand is a Tourist Hotspot to visit, especially in the South Island of Aotearoa.

300,000 more Tourists are coming into New Zealand this year bringing the number of Tourists to 4,200,000 !!!

That means there will be an estimated 2,100,000 female tourists traveling through our Home, Aotearoa and there has been no effective measures taken to be able to provide safety and security for those Female Visitors to New Zealand. Until Now…

SAFE BARS NEW ZEALAND mission statement is to make sure that every single one of those Female Tourists is as Safe as ‘Their Parents’ would expect Kiwis to provide them, while their Whanau members are travelling through our Beautiful Country. 

SAFE BARS NEW ZEALAND creates target areas within Tourist areas which are enhanced to provide female tourists with Safe Bars which they can visit when they go out to experience New Zealand Nightlife.
SAFE BAR NEW ZEALAND Members hold the Kiwi Value to protect Visitors to our Home Aotearoa, and for this we Market directly to those female tourists our Member Bars with a very Loud “Ki Ora”.



Our App. gives you the locations of all the SAFE BARS located in the area that your Journey takes you to.


Our SAFE BARS App. gives you Safety Notifications as well as Push Notifications that keep you Safe in New Zealand. as well as gifts and specials for you and your friends.


Everyone needs Friends and that's exactly what you have, Friends of SAFE BARS are located all over New Zealand and you get to see them on our App.


Our App. gives you an emergency Button which sends alerts to the right people showing them where you are and letting you know that we are all coming to help you.